Lin-Manuel Miranda and J.K. Rowling bless the world with an incredible selfie

All was, and indeed is, well.

Joy-creators and Gods among mortals, writer/actor/everything Lin-Manuel Miranda and Her Highness J.K. Rowling's worlds have collided at the BAFTA Awards Sunday night, causing a happiness explosion across Twitter. 
Are you shipping what we're shipping? Or are these two simply the most perfect fairy Godmother and Godfather in the world?
Stare into their serene expressions. Be enraptured by their benevolent presence. Everything really IS going to be okay, you guys. 
Naturally, the pair's humble followers on Twitter (a.k.a. everyone) is having a proper conniption, currently.
Wonder what Donald Trump would have to say about this progressive pairing?
This wasn't the first time the two have blown up Twitter, mind you. Remember when Miranda's Harry Potter quote got a shout-out from the G.O.A.T herself?
Stop it, you GUYS! 
Anywho, having just blown Twitter's collective mind enough for one Sunday night, Miranda saw the hype that he'd created and was pleased.
Goodnight, Lin-Manuel Miranda. Goodnight J.K. Rowling. Goodnight, Moon.

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